Through Scrubs in Fashion you can find the best brands that can suit your needs. Currently there are 5 different brands connected to the Scrubs in Fashion brand:

Scrubs by Med Couture

Med Couture Uniforms is the leader in fashion forward medical wear for women.The latest in Med Couture, Izzy, and Katherine Heigl scrubs are available at Scrubs by Med Couture. With ever evolving fits and prints combined with classic styles and colors, this site has the best women’s medical wear available. Additionally, Med Couture lab coats in numerous styles are available. Med Couture Lab Coats employ advanced fabric technology to provide stain and germ resistant lab coats.

Culture Scrubs

Culture Scrubs is an online retailer of Iguana Med Scrubs. Iguana Med has perfected the balance between Fabric, Fit, Fashion and Function. The renowned Medflex brand of fabrics offer a level of comfort and durability not easily found in traditional scrubs. The high-performance cotton blends feature a natural breathability and the ultimate in comfort stretch technology. Culture Scrubs are excellent as lounge wear or exercise clothes due to the natural stretch and performance design.

Scrubs & Comfort

Scrubs & Comfort offers the most comfortable healthcare apparel available online. The site has a wide array of Medline products including men’s and women’s fashions as well as unisex styles.

Scrubs for College

Scrubs for College is the premiere online resource for college scrubs and medical apparel. Scrubs for men, women and children are available in true college colors and with your college’s logo.

Durable Scrubs

Durable Scrubs is an online retailer for Dickies Medical Wear. Dickies has been known for decades for the durability of its apparel and is know becoming known for its style and ease as well. Dickies Scrubs are built to last.